About us

Welcome to REEBIRTH – Give new life to your smartphones!

West Africa’s first Smartphone Reconditioning Center.

Located in the Dakar region, this revolutionary center in Africa has set itself the mission of providing better products, at better prices, with a guarantee. All the while helping to reduce electronic waste.

Smartphones are part of our lives, making it easier to connect with the world.

However, over-consumption is causing an explosion in electronic waste worldwide.

Unfortunately, most of this electronic waste is dumped on our continent. Africa provides the raw material and becomes the graveyard.

It’s a double whammy for the continent.

This is where REEBIRTH comes in!

Environmentally-friendly solution for reconditioned and used electronic appliances in Africa.

REEBIRTH restores confidence with :

Best products, best prices and guaranteed service.

Why choose our products?

  1. Savings: substantial savings compared to buying a new smartphone. A quality device at an affordable price.
  2. Guaranteed quality: Every smartphone reconditioned at REEBIRTH undergoes more than 30 quality checks. A 12-month warranty for total peace of mind.
  3. Positive environmental impact: By reconditioning, you actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and preserving natural resources.
  4. Wide selection: REEBIRTH offers a wide range of refurbished smartphones, from the latest models to classic favorites.
  5. Customer service: REEBIRTH supports you throughout the purchasing process and in after-sales service.

Our products

High-end brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.
All our products are carefully evaluated and tested by carefully selected partners to ensure their optimal performance.
Build trust and security with quality products and a 12-month warranty!
Implementing a circular economy in Africa with a solution that facilitates it.
The set of components designed to stimulate the ecosystem.

Our mission

A fair price guarantee

Aware that smartphones are getting more and more expensive, we do our utmost to offer you the best prices on our products. At REEBIRTH, you’re sure to find the right deal!

Tested and validated products, guaranteed for 12 months

High-tech products of impeccable quality. That’s why we can afford to include a 12-month warranty. Our technical experts check and test each of the 30 control points we have defined. The high standards we set ourselves are your guarantee of the quality of our products.

Secure payment and fast delivery

From adding a product to your basket to receiving it, every step is secure and optimized. Secure payment and 48-hour delivery by Pap’s. We work with the best to provide you with impeccable service.