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Resell your old phone or other used devices

Can I resell a damaged or non-functional device?

Yes, of course. When estimating your device, you can check the box “broken” and/or “not functional”. The buy-back price of your phone will be adapted according to the criteria you declare.

Why this price?

Prices are defined according to supply and demand and the condition of the device. We will always offer you the best deal from our partners, but be aware that if your device is damaged and some parts need to be replaced, this has a cost that is reflected in the trade-in price.

How do I log out of my iCloud or Google account?

To trade-in a phone, iPhone, tablet, connected watch & MacBook you must log out of your iCloud or Google account, even if your device is non-functional, in which case the device will be refused

What will happen to my device after it is shipped?

Upon receipt of your device by the professional, he will have to restore the damaged parts in order to put it back in working order. Your smartphone will be reconditioned and given to a caring person! If not, it will be restored to its constituent parts!

I have not received my payment

You can check the status of your trade-in in your personal space, the “My Trade-ins” tab. After that, select “Track my sale” and follow the conversation with the rebuilder to see the process.