How does the Reebirth commercial warranty work?

When you buy a refurbished product on Reebirth, it comes with a 12-month commercial warranty against failure, depending on the seller’s offer.

This commercial guarantee is systematically offered by all sellers on the platform.

Rest assured, this seller’s commercial warranty complements the legal warranties, which remain fully applicable, to ensure the best care for you in the event of a problem with your product. To find out more about these legal guarantees, click here.

When does the commercial warranty apply?

Any product malfunction, breakdown or defect occurring within the warranty period (e.g. touchscreen malfunction, battery failure, buttons popping off, etc.) is covered.

When is the commercial warranty not valid?

  • When the Product is oxidized, broken or shattered;
  • When one or more components of the Product have been tampered with by the Buyer or a third party not authorized by the Seller;
  • When the use of the Product by the Buyer exceeds what is called normal use, i.e. use usually expected of a similar product;
  • In the event of negligence or failure to maintain the Product by the Buyer, in the event of normal wear and tear of the Product or in the event of an accident, such as a fall, occurring after delivery.

Please note that water resistance is never retained on reconditioned products. During reconditioning, the devices are opened so that tests can be carried out on the product, which is why water resistance is not guaranteed on reconditioned products sold on Reebirth.

How does the commercial warranty work?

If you encounter any problems with your product during the warranty period, please contact your sales representative via your customer account. To contact the seller, please read this article:

How can I contact my reconditioner on Reebirth?

Once the request has been submitted, the seller will send you, via your customer account, a prepaid return slip within 48 working hours of completing the form available in your customer account. A return slip will be sent to you to facilitate the return.

An exchange or repair solution will be proposed within a maximum of seven working days from receipt of the product by the seller. You can have the product repaired or replaced.

If repair or replacement of the product is not possible, you may request a refund.

For the duration of the commercial warranty, you must provide proof of the product’s lack of conformity.

If you encounter a problem with your device and wish to make use of the legal or commercial warranties, please contact your reconditioner directly by logging into your customer account and clicking on“get help“.